During the last year, many changes have occurred that impact on the work environment we used to know. It is now crucial that the work environment is organised in such a way that there is compliance with the various rules and regulations imposed by Government to stop the spread of the novel COVID-19 virus.

With COVID-19 being a foreseeable reality in the business world, it is important to assure clients, authorities and other visitors to your business premises that you are taking the necessary steps to ensure compliance with COVID-19 regulations.

A Certificate of Compliance certifies that your business has been audited in line with International ISO standards and that you have met the requirements in terms of the Disaster Management Act implemented by Government.

An audit needs to be performed on your business in order to be issued with a COVID-19 Certificate of Compliance.

 In this regard, SafetyNet expertly facilitates the audit process, ensuring that the business is compliant with Covid-19 International ISO standards and is eligible for certification.

A successfully audited business will be issued with a COVID-19 Certificate of Compliance that may be professionally displayed in a public area at the workplace. Displaying of such a certificate assures visitors to your establishment that you  are in compliance with the necessary COVID-19 regulations.

The audit and certification process is charged at a nominal fee of R 850.00 (ex. VAT).

Contact SafetyNet for assistance with your COVID-19 Compliance Certification and to ensure an efficient audit process is undertaken.