Covid- 19

Invictus will remain available to clients during nation lock down

State of the Nation 23 March

UIF Remuneration Policy

Easy aid for employers

Banking Exemption

Retail Property Sector

Temporary Employee and Employer Relief Scheme

Covid-19 Precautions

Work Place Safety


Wage Increase Letter

UIF Launches new Online Application Portal

Retrenchments during Covid-19

Working during Covid-19

Essential Services and the right to strike during Lockdown

Retrenchment Alternatives

Absenteeism and life after Lockdown

Return to work

Disaster Management

Level 4 Regulations

Lockdown Fines

Temporary Incapacity due to Covid-19

Safenet Compliance

Scheduling of CCMA and Bargaining Council

Small Business Development

Curfew Amendments

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