Official Increase – The National Minimum Wage

On the 21st of February 2023 the Minister for Employment and Labour amended the National Minimum Wage Act to give effect to its annual increase as from 1st of March 2023 with an approximate 9.6% increase from the previous amount.

This amendment is to further the aim of the National Minimum Wage Act, which is to advance economic development and social justice by increasing the wages of the lowest-paid workers; protecting workers from unreasonably low wages; preserving the value of the national minimum wage; and to promote collective bargaining and support economic policies.

As of the 1st of March 2023, the New National Minimum Wage will be effective and is payable over and above any benefits paid or advanced to an employee, including transport, meals, accommodation allowances and so on.

National Minimum Wage p/h20222023
All Workers as defined in the Act. Per hour, for every ordinary hour worked.R 23.19R 25.42
Farm WorkersR 23.19R 25.42
Domestic WorkersR 23.19R 25.42
Expanded Public Works Program WorkersR 12.75R 13.97

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