Wage Increase Woven Cotton Sub Sector

On 8 April 2021, The Southern African Clothing & Textile Workers’ Union (SACTWU) have concluded a wage negotiation for the Woven Cotton textile sub-sector.

In terms of this negotiation, all employees that are employed in the Woven Cotton textile sub-sector are entitled to a 5.5% wage increase backdated from 1 March 2021.

The agreement was successfully concluded under the auspices of the National Textile Bargaining Council.

In terms of the National Textile Bargaining Council’s Constitution, the woven cotton-

textile sub sector shall mean the industry in which employers and employees are associated, either in whole or in part, for any activity whatsoever, for the:

A. manufacture of yarn from any combination of the following raw materials: cotton; spun silk; rayon, including viscose; acetate; cup ammonium; nylon; and/or any other synthetic or man-made fibre and also including all waste and/or by products from any or all such fibres (but excluding the manufacture of any worsted processed yarn for use in the worsted industry);

B. manufacture of any woven cloth or fabric, from any or all of the raw materials and/or wastes and/or yarns mentioned in “A” above, including manufactured filament yarns;

C. printing and/or dyeing and/or finishing and/or processing of any raw materials and/or wastes and/or yarns and woven fabrics mentioned in “A” and “B”. It shall include all operations, products and activities incidental thereto and consequent thereon.

Employers that fall under the scope of the woven cotton-textile sub-sector are advised to take note of the recent development in the industry. The National Textile Bargaining Council’s collective agreement makes provision for exemption applications. In this regard, Invictus may potentially be able to assist affected employers with applications in support of exemption from the above mentioned increases.

Contact Invictus on 0861 737 263 for any queries/assistance regarding the recent developments in the Woven Cotton Sub Sector.