Invictus VIP Payroll

VIP is an efficient, professional system that assists in doing basic salaries, wages and commissions. Invictus can assist you in giving you the spread of essential functions.

  • Effectively complying with SARS requirements and new tax tables.
  • Latest legislation changes – ensuring calculations are always accurate and up to date.
  • Tax calculations that are correct and compliant with the latest tax legislation.
  • Caters for all the bargaining councils. This includes submissions in the required electronic and hard copy format.
  • Total costs for the employee can be calculated.
  • Increases can be applied.
  • The company’s parameters can be customised.
  • Print history payslips and reports, such as IRP5s.
  • Powerful standard and user-defined reporting will provide the correct information as soon as it is needed.
  • Easy export and import functions to transport data such as banking institutions.
  • Leave management.