New BC Agreement for Restaurants – What are the changes, and how will they impact employers?

The new Collective Agreement of the Bargaining Council for Restaurants, Catering, and Allied Trades (BCRCAT) in Johannesburg was released on April 26, 2024. This development aims to update and enhance labour relations within the hospitality industry, addressing long-standing challenges and setting the stage for improved working conditions and business operations.

The new Collective Agreement introduces adjustments to the cleaning and transport allowances, modifications to minimum working hours, an increase in the bargaining council levy, a higher night shift allowance, and notable increments in minimum wage rates across various job categories. These reforms are designed to foster a more equitable and productive working environment, reflecting the evolving needs of both employees and employers in this dynamic and challenging industry.

Some key changes restaurant owners can expect to implement starting on 1 June 2024:

  • Cleaning allowance

This amount will increase from the current amount of R100.00 per month / R23.08 per week to the amount of R110.00 per month/ R25.39 per week.

  • Hours of work

The minimum number of hours permanent employees are required to work will increase from the current 130 to 135 per month. The maximum number of hours, 195 per month, will remain the same, with overtime still capped at 40 hours per month.

  • Transport allowance

The current “night hours” for transport will change from 22h30 to 21h30.
The transport allowance will also increase from R200.00 per month/ R 46.16 per week to R230.00 per month until May 31st, 2026, and then R240.00 per month thereafter.

  • Bargaining Council levy

The levies required to be paid by both the employer and every employee are R10.00 (employer), R6.00 (employee) for Council Expenses, and R4.00 for Council Admin Expenses. 

This will increase to R11.00, R6.50 for Council Expenses, and R4.50 for Council Admin Expenses until May 2026 and then to R12.00, R7.00, and R5.00, respectively, from June 2026.

  • Night shift allowance

Employers are currently expected to compensate staff who work from 18h00 to 06h00 with 0.88c per hour, which has now increased to R1.00 per hour.

  • Minimum wage

The following increases will be implemented from 1 June 2024:

Category / ClassCurrent Rate – 31/05/202401/06/2024 – 31/05/2025
Chef ManagerR 47.07R 50.36
Assistant ManagerR 33.03R35.34
BartenderR 29.35R 31.40
CashierR 29.35
R 31.40
ClerkR 29.35
R 31.40
Security GuardR 29.35
R 31.40
SupervisorR 29.35
R 31.40
Assistant BartenderR 27.58R28.83
Assistant CashierR 27.58R28.83
Head CookR 27.58R28.83
Head WaiterR 27.58R28.83
Head Wine StewardR 27.58R28.83
Management TraineeR 27.58R28.83
ReceptionistR 27.58R28.83
Kitchen SupervisorR 27.58R28.83
Counter AssistantR 27.58R 28.76
Part-time DriverR 27.58R 28.76
Waiter / Wine StewardR 27.58R 28.76
Employee not elsewhere specifiedR 27.58R 28.76
Motor vehicle driver(s)R 27.58R28.85
(a) Extra HeavyR 27.58R28.85
(b) HeavyR 27.58R28.85
(c) LightR 27.58R 28.76
Baker / CookR 27.58R 28.76
Catering AssistantR 27.58R 28.76
Delivery EmployeeR 27.58R 28.76
General AssistantR 27.58R 28.76
Watchman / Security GuardR 27.58R 28.76

All further requirements not stipulated (ie: clauses pertaining to leave, etc) are to remain the same as they are aligned with the Basic Conditions of Employment Act 75 of 1997.

For employers, these changes necessitate careful planning and implementation to ensure compliance and to foster a more equitable and productive work environment. Contact The Invictus Group at or call our offices at 086 173 7263 for guidance on complying with the new BCRCAT stipulations.