Human Resource Management

The below is achieved by a team of managers, consultants and legal practitioners that are assigned to the client, thereby allowing them to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of our highly qualified specialists as soon as we assume the responsibility of their Industrial Relations and Human Resources Management.

  • Strategic Human Resource Management.
  • Participation in the formulation of the overall organisation strategic plan.
  • Proactive planning for future growth of Human Capital.
  • Strategic Business Unit Human Resource planning.
  • Human Resource Management Programs
  • Job analysis and design.
  • Diversity Management.
  • Recruitment, selection, and internal staffing.
  • Induction, motivation, and retention.
  • Appraisal, performance, development, and career management.
  • Compensation Management.
  • Training & Development Management.
  • HRM Administration, policy, and procedure implementation.

For us to successfully manage our client’s Industrial Relations and Human Resources concerns, we perform a comprehensive IR and HR audit on the company, which involves an analysis and evaluation of its current contracts of employment, policies and procedures, and general IR and HR practices.